Veterans Villages will be built using modern concepts and green materials.

-Veterans Are Building

Career training programs help our Veterans get a jump-start in their new civilian lives.

-Veterans Are Working

Wellness programs help to ensure that our Heroes of Service stay both physically and mentally healthy.

-Veterans Are Healthy

The VAF will promote the training of our Heroes of Service and assist them with job placement!

-Veterans Are Creating Jobs

Our Veterans are building communities.  VAF will provide permanent residency to our Vets.

-Veterans Are Home

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Our Story

Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) is dedicated to building a bridge of hope from public service to civilian life for Military Veterans and First Responders - our "Heroes of Service."  VAF's primary goals are to create jobs and vibrant communities known as Veterans Villages.  VAF will serve it's mission by helping individuals identify transferable skills, develop and promote job training programs and assist individuals with job placement and housing needs.

How We Help

Veterans Villages

A Veterans Village is a community in which our Heroes of Service can live, find employment, or enjoy retirement!

Career Training

We want to help individuals identify and strengthen transferable skills so they may find a job based on their abilities.

Staying Healthy

Physical and mental health are paramount to fulfilling your desired life after service.  We are here to help.


The Veterans Are Foundation promotes the use of
green materials and modern building techniques.
Our Heroes of Service have given their best; we will do the same.

Our Heroes

They protect us and our freedoms. Military Veterans and First Responders (Police - Fire & Rescue - EMS) are our “Heroes of Service”.

Help the VAF

Aaron Kenefick

Purple Heart recipient, Gunnery Sergent Aaron M Kenefick was KIA during the Ganjgal Ambush in Kunar Province, Afghanistan in 2009.

His Story

Susan Price

As a Mother of a Fallen American Hero, I look forward to this new chapter in my life. Building a new Foundation, with like minded souls.

Her Story
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Palm Harbor, Florida 34684 USA


VAF News

Our Own Susan Price is the Keynote Speaker at the American Veterans Ball!

The goal of the AVB is to CONNECT our PAST and PRESENT military veterans to our nation’s next generation and FUTURE leaders of America while keeping them true to the Red, White, & Blue. It will also serve and provide veterans of “ALL” the Armed Forces the opportunity to participate in a customary annual event comparable to those of our active service components. The most common denominator that the AVB Founders discovered was that once service members’ transitioned out of their respective branches of service, they experienced a disconnection to these types of traditional comradeship events. Yet, despite of this disconnection many find themselves living out the core values and way of life, as “civilians”, post their active service contribution.

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We Are Official!

Documentation of The Veterans Are Foundation's (originally formed as Veterans Aide Foundation) certification as a registered 501(c)3 public charity can be found on the IRS website.  The change in our name came about after finding we had to clarify that the word "Aide" was spelled with an "e" on way too many occasions. We are excited about our plans and you should be too.  The VAF is about to do great things for our country and our Heroes of Service. 

Any contribution that you make to VAF is FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE up to the legal limits of the law!