Corporate Sponsor


Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) of Palm Harbor Florida is proud to announce that New Leaf Homes of Jacksonville Florida has become the newest member of its Corporate Sponsor family.  Already known for its philanthropic endeavors to support education in the field of construction for adults,  math at the middle school level and quality of life for children from broken homes, New Leaf Homes has now chosen to support Military Veterans and First Responders through the newly forged relationship with VAF.   This new relationship is especially appropriate since New Leaf Homes is recognized by the Veterans Administration as a Service Disabled Veteran Own Small Business.

As their opening act of kindness toward VAF, New Leaf Homes has pledged $1000.00 per home sold in the Jacksonville FL area in which they operate.  This generous gift to Veterans Are Foundation will apply to projects developed and owned by the firm.  In addition, New Leaf Homes has pledged to work with VAF in a dollar sharing program which will enhance the amount of their gift in regard to materials and peripherals donated that can be used in the construction and completion of each home.  VAF will also recognize each individual and organization that participates in this facet of the program.

We Appreciate Your Help

The VAF would love to thank our sponsors.  Without their assistance our whole project would not be possible.  Thank you for supporting our mission!