Patty Cummings, CEO, Innovator and Owner of ASTRO-DURANCE® is the creator of the Total Body Bungee System - a “Motion Based Exercise” protocol that can be modified to meet individual needs or taught in group style. It is a remarkable and fun method of exercising pain free that can be beneficial to people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and physical limitations. It is a revolutionary approach in the wellness movement that can be used in any type of gym, studio, rehabilitation facility and even at home. G-Force Fitness is the term used by ASTRO-DURANCE® and with the public on a daily basis now. Both the phrase and the system are catching on fast, and for good reason. Fast and miraculous improvements in clients who are recovering from surgeries and who suffer from injuries, and debilitating disorders like PTSD, TBI, Arthritis, Muscular Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and more are a regular occurrence.

Veterans Are Foundation's very own Board Member and Gold Star Mother Susan Price learned of all this - all the good that it is doing - and naturally thought of her brothers and sisters in arms. Susan and the VAF Directors watched President Trump's ceremony on television as he signed an Executive Order entitled, “National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Veteran Suicide”. A short while after, it was decided that VAF and ASTRO-DURANCE® would team up to present one of hopefully many solutions to the problem cited in the President’s Executive Order #13861 - veteran suicide. This EO just signed on March 5, 2019, reaches out to the private sector offering partnership in effective ideas on how to immediately reverse the tragic number of veteran suicides we are currently experiencing. One per year would be too many but 22 a day is way, way beyond acceptable.

Our answer is more than an idea. It is a three pronged total mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that can also offer a career path for many and business ownership for those who are capable and so inclined. The best part is that with a little help, we can implement our programs NOW - and we have tons of proof that it works!

Do your homework. Visit the ASTRO-DURANCE® website and see what they’ve been up to. Then come back to the VAF “Programs” and “News” pages for further information and updates. We will be right here waiting for you while we work on bringing services, knowledge and opportunity forward to as many qualified Veterans and First Responders as possible. Come back to find out how you can make a difference, be the difference and even feel the difference.