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Veterans Are Foundation is proud to present three program tracks based on the ASTRO-DURANCE® Total Body Bungee Fitness program. This fitness program offers extremely fast cardio results that revs up the metabolism without putting stress on your joints. This rapid increase of activity in circulatory and lymphatic system function allows your body to unleash its healing ability while burning fat at rates that exceed even the most strenuous workout programs. Getting your blood pumping throughout the body works with the lymphatic system, which helps cleanse your body of toxins. It also oxygenates the brain, which enhances brain function and builds the chemicals that are responsible for your confidence and happiness. This has been seen to help our Heroes of Service immensely in their recovery from TBI and PTSD.

There are many physiological benefits received during a good workout. The key element for those recovering from injuries and surgeries is that this motion based fitness method virtually eliminates weight bearing stress related pain (and damage) which allows maximum benefits in the body’s flexibility (range of motion), muscle strength and endurance. In short, it allows you to exercise all muscle groups without gravity-based restrictions.


G-Force Fitness Sessions

The first of three VAF programs developed in collaboration with ASTRO-DURANCE® provides therapy sessions for Veterans and First Responders - Veterans G-Force Fitness and Guardians G-Force Fitness. To learn more about this program track click here.


G-Force Trainer Certification

The second of three VAF programs developed in collaboration with ASTRO-DURANCE® involves learning how to become a certified G-Force Bungee Fitness Instructor. You must first be, or become, a Certified Personal Trainer through an accredited program. To learn more about this program track click here.


G-Force Business Ownership - G-Force Fitness Studio

The third of three VAF programs developed in collaboration with ASTRO-DURANCE® is designed for those with the heart (intestinal fortitude and skill set) required of an entrepreneur in order to be successful in owning one's own business. You will be provided with guidance on what it takes to open and run a fitness studio. Many have said this information is useful in opening any business. To learn more about this program track click here.

For now, you may begin your registration or ask questions using the Contact Us page. The first step is to tell us which identifying path suits you best - Veterans G-Force Fitness or Guardians G-Force Fitness for First Responders. Whatever you choose, please let us know if you hold dual status. In the future, we may have information to share that is relevant to one group or the other so we want to be able to include you in these updates if you are an individual that does indeed hold dual status. A representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and qualifications.


Please Note

For a time, the three programs will only be available through P2 Personal Training in Cape Coral, FL while an expansion plan for additional service locations is implemented. For those so inclined, your donations will greatly affect how fast we can go in reaching our goal of providing multiple locations in all our 50 states and internationally.

Individuals may register themselves or sponsor a specific family member or friend with a “directed donation”. You may also contribute to the general fund in the “pay-it-forward” spirit of giving on behalf of those that have served. Of course, all donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent allowed by law based on the current applicable tax payer’s status.