VAF G-Force Fitness Sessions

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Let's examine the concept of doing something that is good for the mind, body and spirit. You probably wouldn’t argue with the underlying premise that they are all connected - and you'd be right. But what about the "good for" part?

Some things you do are not always good for all three. And in this instant gratification world of touch and feel, we tend to satisfy the body or mind first and let the spirit just go along for the ride. So... given the understanding that all three are connected, if something isn't good for the body or mind, it probably follows that it isn’t good for the spirit. But a G-Force Fitness routine treats all three in a very good and even fun way. We know it works and it does so quickly.

Veterans Are Foundation and ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Systems are working together to bring G-Force Fitness to our Veterans and Guardians (first responders). G-Force Fitness routines are geared to your specific needs. You will be in the hands of a Certified Personal Trainer who has also earned an additional certificate as a G-Force Bungee System Trainer. They will assess your needs and help you set goals. Goals that you will blow past quickly using this motion based exercise system. 



Whether you are recovering from a physical injury, surgery, illness, PTSD or TBI, a G-Force Fitness routine meets you where you are. Even before the work on your body begins, your mind and spirit are engaged. Trust is the key word here. Deciding to trust this program requires a decision, which wakes up your spirit from the very beginning. For some individuals, this is already a victory in itself. And there is so much more being offered here. Take a look at the ASTRO-DURANCE® website to learn about the Total Body Bungee System and the success stories they have to tell.

Whether you've been battling an issue for a short time or you have been disappointed with your progress after years of rehab, you will have made the first all important step in repairing your mind, body and spirit the G-Force way just by contacting us.

To learn more about qualifying for financial aid and attending G-Force Fitness Sessions click here. And don’t forget to check out the other related VAF programs - Certified Trainer and Business Ownership.