Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) is dedicated to building a bridge of hope from public service to civilian and/or retired life for financially challenged Military Veterans and First Responders - our "Heroes of Service".  VAF's primary goals are to create jobs and affordable, energy efficient, sustainable multi-use communities known as Veterans Villages.  VAF will serve it's mission by helping individuals identify transferable skills, co-develop and promote job training programs and assist individuals with job placement and housing needs.

Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) was founded by passionate patriots who see a growing gap between the assistance available and the assistance needed by our Heroes of Service in areas such as homelessness, jobs, overall wellness and career training.  We at VAF fi­rmly believe that it is our our duty to help ensure that our Heroes of Service are treated with respect and are shown the appreciation they so richly deserve.

VAF's programs will concentrate on access to housing, jobs and health and wellness programs - including the opportunity to learn and deploy skills in building of permanent housing in planned communities dedicated to our Heroes of Service and their families. Imagine the pride established by participating in building your very own homes, communities and businesses in an energy efficient and affordable "Veterans Village.”  Special consideration will be paid to overall accessibility for the disabled. Our mind, body and soul oriented wellness programs will compliment and enhance traditional medical services with the goal of helping individuals live a life of dignity and purpose.

Verterans Are Foundation (VAF) is a registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization that was established in March of 2012. VAF's formal 501(c)3 status was granted in November of 2013.

There have been many “vet-centric” clinical rehab, counseling programs, support groups and related services created over the years. It is wonderful to see so many organizations fill gaps in benefits our Military Veterans and First Responders have earned and deserve. However, the VAF mission is different from that which has been seen before.

VAF's mission picks up where clinical and isolated services leave off. Our “Heroes of Service” deserve the opportunity to live valued and productive lives whether retired or still in their earning years. VAF is focused on providing job training, employment and housing for our Military Veterans, First Responders and their families that are financially challenged and who wish to live a healthy, productive lifestyle in a community that is designed to provide understanding and camaraderie that is so often missing in their lives. These communities will offer mentoring opportunities, neighborhood involvement and internal programs that are designed to foster overall well being for all.

VAF will achieve its mission by generating jobs and personal growth opportunities through managing the process of designing, developing, building and maintaining small to medium sized mixed-use communities. These communities will consist of various configurations of energy efficient housing and combinations of professional and retail space where appropriate. Communities and programs will be open to all that meet minimum requirements based on a series of qualifications and standards such as service records, financial need and previous experience. For those so inclined, transferable skills will be identified as a basis for employment and /or job training. Ongoing employment will be offered in a variety of production, service, maintenance and other co-op positions. Individuals that desire a career may find it possible to grow with VAF since the business model includes replicating these communities throughout the United States. In addition, the formation of independent business opportunities are also expected as a natural extension of the overall program.

Above all, it is recognized that an atmosphere of acceptance and camaraderie must be the cornerstone of every VAF community. We know that all residents will understand and be committed to the ideals represented in these communities. Members of the general public are also welcome as residents but needs based programs will only be available to our “Heroes of Service”. A willingness to combine the energy, talents and wisdom of residents will generate a self perpetuating spirit of inclusion. Specific attention will be paid to accessibility and support for those with special needs. The desired result will be a place where all involved feel welcome and play an important and active role in making each community a neighborhood. More importantly, each resident can be proud of the contributions they make within these communities and the overall mission. The process becomes the goal – something earned is of inherent value and is also something worth protecting. This is an important part of our American heritage.

Over time, some residents may leave theses communities and move on to pursue other roles in our American way of life. Some will find their permanent home and remain. Some individuals will become key members of a core team that manages the process of replicating what has been built in a previous location. The VAF mission is served – the complete program vision is to raise public awareness, provide personal growth, jobs, careers, and overall wellness that will extend into retirement. Together we can do all this while providing sustainable, low total cost, developments that will challenge our Country to build better and smarter communities for all Americans.

Design and construction will be focused on combining innovative American technology and products with internationally proven building methods currently under-utilized within the United States. Veterans Are Foundation's forward thinking approach will use a low total cost (development & operational) strategy to build quality energy efficient multi-purpose environments for and with the very individuals it seeks to help. Careful site selection and specific criteria for site design will create a ripple effect that builds lasting value and multiplies the return on investment for every dollar donated or earned for all that are involved – resident, employee, donors, sponsors, investors and the larger surrounding community.

The mission represents an awesome opportunity to fill a tremendous void. Right now you have the chance to become part of a forward thinking team that has a plan to build a “bridge of hope” for so many. This is a movement where personal characteristics such as a strong moral compass, a strong work ethic, a little bit of talent and a whole lot of pride in America are not only understood, they are expected.

Please contact me to discuss ways you can join our growing ranks of private and corporate sponsor and support relationships. Remember, this is an important and unique opportunity that will create employment, energy savings and a strong sense of fellowship. It will also address our Country's needs as well as those that have served to protect us and our American way of life.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rich Hauschild

Executive Director


They protect us and our freedoms. Military Veterans and First Responders (Police - Fire & Rescue - EMS) are our “Heroes of Service”.

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Aaron Kenefick

Purple Heart recipient, Gunnery Sergent Aaron M Kenefick was KIA during the Ganjgal Ambush in Kunar Province, Afghanistan in 2009.

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Susan Price

As a Mother of a Fallen American Hero, I look forward to this new chapter in my life. Building a New Foundation, with like minded souls.

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