1. Proper use of thermal technology in a dynamic site design will provide a higher total economic return and a lower environmental impact.
  2. Energy efficient designs can increase insulation values up to ten times the of regular concrete, yeilding savings in heating and air conditioning costs.
  3. Environmentally friendly non-toxic materials with unsurpassed resistance to fire reduce illness, loss of life and property damage which generate savings in insurance costs.
  4. Building designs are extremely durable & stable.  They are impervious to pests, will not rot and are highly resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes with winds of 150+ miles per hour.
  5. Building materials provide excellent sound absorption and enhanced occupant comfort and privacy.
  6. Careful selection of materials, products, and construction methods equal lower operating cost and total cost.

The homes within a Veterans Village Community are not like the others in surrounding neighborhoods. Special attention is paid to the details that cannot be seen to the naked eye. Your military background and experience has taught you that the details matter and that one weak link can disturb an entire mission. Our commitment to quality will eliminate this possibility. Materials and methods are chosen to minimize total cost and enhance your quality of life. Veterans Are Foundation wants nothing more than to provide you the best living experience possible.

Veterans Are Foundation is the first to conceive of a comprehensive approach to issues surrounding the transition of financially challenged Military Veterans and First Responders (Police - Fire & Rescue - EMS) from public service to civilian and retired living.  These are our "Heroes of Service" and there is no acceptable reason so many are being left behind.

VAF will manage the process of developing multiple communities throughout the United States refered to as “Veterans Villages”.  A Veterans Village is a community in which our Heroes of Service can live, find employment, or just kick back and enjoy retirement!

Individual sites will be selected based on criteria which include:

  • Convenience to VA Hospitals, Clinics and basic community services
  • Access to public transportation
  • Diverse recreational opportunities
  • A low cost of living

Veterans Villages will be comprised of various housing options such as:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Single-family homes

Our Villages also cater to our disabled Heroes of Service. Special attention will be paid to accessibility, preserving green space and providing safe and walkable neighborhoods. Light commercial space will also be considered when appropriate.

Veterans Villages are built using energy efficient products, green sustainable materials and proven construction techniques.  Our communities will result in low total cost of development, a reduction in environmental impact and overall long term operating costs.


They protect us and our freedoms. Military Veterans and First Responders (Police - Fire & Rescue - EMS) are our “Heroes of Service”.

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Aaron Kenefick

Purple Heart recipient, Gunnery Sergent Aaron M Kenefick was KIA during the Ganjgal Ambush in Kunar Province, Afghanistan in 2009.

His Story

Susan Price

As a Mother of a Fallen American Hero, I look forward to this new chapter in my life. Building a New Foundation, with like minded souls.

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